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A Weekend for Murder

Here is a look at the beginning of the prologue to my second original murder mystery novel, Death at Danforth House.  Edith Baxter–who appears in Death on Stoneridge (click here)–is among the select group of guests invited to a famous suspense author’s estate, and it is she who will solve the murder mystery to unfold.


It all started to unravel with the invitations…

Fourteen invitations were sent out to select guests for suspense author Robin Lyons’ weekend event.  One invitation, however, was returned with the following enclosed letter.

Dear Mr. Lyons,

I was much surprised to receive your invitation in light of our previous communications.  This leads me to question your intentions.  I have repeatedly expressed that I am not at liberty to reveal confidential information regarding your birth and adoption.  I am bound by legal edicts to uphold strict client confidentiality.

I have spoken with Dr. Kittridge whom I understand has also been invited to this event of yours.  I have told him nothing of our correspondence, but I will not take part in such a charade.


Thaddeus Reginald Alcott


Robin Lyons reread the letter once more.  His blue eyes flashed with anger, and he crushed the letter in his fist and discarded it upon the glass-topped coffee table.

Dammit!  He kicked at the Oriental carpet, scuffing his bare foot on the coarse fibers of the aged antique.  It can’t fall apart now.  Not now.  Not after everything I’ve done to get at the truth.

He rubbed his temples with his fingertips.  He felt the dull ache of a headache coming on.  The whole mess had been one big headache.  He’d wasted money on two private investigators.  He’d wasted his own time talking to bureaucrats who’d made him wait hours only to tell him, “We’re sorry.  There’s nothing we can do for you.”  And still there was this burning need to know.  Who was he?  Who was he really?…


Stay tuned for more about Death at Danforth House and The Mysteries of Syracuse series.

This prologue excerpt is copyrighted material.  Please do not reproduce or use without prior permission from the author.

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