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Friday Cocktail

Red, White & Blue

Celebrate the 4th of July with a Red, White & Blue cocktail!

Technically this drink is considered a shooter made with 3 colorful cordials.  It’s a layered drink that may be served in a shooter glass using 1/3 ounce of the following ingredients:

What you’ll need:  Grenadine, Peach Schnapps, and Blue Curaçao.

For a more substantial drink, use either 1 ounce or 1 1/2 ounces of each ingredient.  Pour them into your glass (ideally a pousse glass, but a rocks glass or martini glass work just as well) in this easy to remember order: red, white, and blue.  Kudos if you can get them to layer one on top of the other.  The trick is to slowly pour the schnapps over the back of a spoon held near the top of the grenadine.  Then repeat the process with a clean spoon to layer the curaçao on top of the schnapps.  Ice is optional.  Just be sure to plunk the cubes in gently.

How I like it:  Over Ice.  Mixed is fine.  It’s great to serve this drink layered, but does it really matter?  Obviously I wasn’t quite able to fully layer the drink!  What’s important is the taste.  This drink has a nice blend of cherry, peach, and orange flavors.  It would be easy to drink a lot of them.

Have a safe holiday; drink responsibly!


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