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Friday Cocktail

Rob Roy

Celebrate a classic–in more ways than one–and try a Rob Roy!

You’d think the Rob Roy was invented in Scotland.  It is named for the legendary Robert Roy MacGregor.  However, it was created at the Waldorf in New York City, circa 1894.  The drink is quite similar to a Manhattan (see this post) but uses scotch in place of rye whiskey.  I consider it a stronger drink, in flavor and potentcy.

What you’ll need:  Scotch (not single malt), Sweet Vermouth, Angostura bitters (optional), and a maraschino cherry.

Pour 2 ounces of your favorite scotch, 3/4 ounce sweet vermouth, and a dash of Angostura bitters in a shaker over cracked ice.  Shake and then strain into a cocktail glass.  Serve a maraschino cherry as a garnish.

How I like it:  There’s actually three ways to make this drink.  One is the typical version using the recipe above.  Another is to serve a dry Rob Roy, replacing the sweet vermouth with dry vermouth and using an olive as a garnish instead of the cherry.  Or you could make a perfect Rob Roy, which evenly splits the amount of vermouth used (half dry, half sweet) and garnishing with a lemon twist.

The pictured drink was made using J & B Scotch and Stock Sweet Vermouth.  Usually I like Dewar’s best.  I also prefer my Rob Roys dry.

As always, drink responsibly!

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