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Friday Cocktail: Blue Dolphin

Blue Dolphin

Have you ever heard of a Blue Dolphin?

I first encountered this drink about five years ago while attending the Shakespeare Festival in Stratford, Canada. It was a specialty drink on the menu at The Annex Room restaurant. As of a year ago, it was still available there. I’m not sure if the restaurant created the drink or what its origin is. I’ve noticed other recipes on the internet using this name, but not with these ingredients.

What you’ll need:  vodka, triple sec (or cointreau), and Blue Curaçao.

How I like it:

Knowing only the ingredients and not the recipe, I came up with these proportions on my own to approximate the original. Pour equal portions (1 ounce each) into a shaker over cracked ice. Shake, and then strain into a chilled martini glass. Garnish with a twist of orange peel, or alternatively, use a slice of orange. I favor Grey Goose as my vodka of choice.

A variation that you could try would be to use peach schnapps in place of the triple sec. And I generally feel gin and vodka can be interchangeable in a lot of drinks, though I haven’t tried it with this one. Curaçao, derived from bitter oranges on the Caribbean island of the same name, may not to everyone’s taste, but give it a try with this easy to make, flavorful drink. It’s particularly good choice for the summer months and tropical climes.

And remember, drink responsibly.

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